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Earth Design takes pride in offering the top infill solutions on the market today. From advanced cooling technology to odor and bacteria resistance, we've got the best infills available on the market to compliment our synthetic turf. See the products we offer below and learn which might be the best fit for your project.


Wonderfill® Infill – The latest in infill product technology – a non-toxic, non-absorbent vinyl coated sand infill that’s pet and environmentally friendly, preventing bacteria growth.

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TºCool®  Infill – Synthetic Turf Cooling and Antimicrobial Solution, that works on the principle of evaporative cooling.

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What is Infill?

The tiny particles you don't see are actually the secret sauce of synthetic turf that create a big impact! Infill is made up of dense, fine pieces of crushed material that are placed over the top of the artificial grass and lay within the blades of grass and settles into the thatch of the turf. Supporting the turf blades, it acts as the ballast, footing, and provides athlete shock absorption.


Premium Round  

Vinyl Coated Sand Infill 


Wonderfill® is well graded to ensure excellent drainage. 

Wonderfill®, with its ZINC OMADINE® ZOE™ infused vinyl coating, is non­-absorbant
and will minimize the associated odors caused by pet urine. 

Premium Round Sand Infill

WONDERFILL® is a high quality, vinyl coated, round sand that is
easy to maintain.


  • WONDERFILL®‘s naturally round shape protects the synthetic turf

  • Natural Color- Clear coated vinyl lets the natural, tan of the sand show which is aesthetically pleasing

  • Keeps turf looking new & natural

  • Multi-use- Perfect for lawns, playgrounds and putting greens


Cleaner & Safer for Kids & Pets
WONDERFILL® is earth friendly and is safe for your pets and family.


  • WONDERFILL® is a naturally round sand with a ZINC OMADINE® ZOE™ infused vinyl coating that helps control the growth of mold, mildew, and algae 

  • WONDERFILL®‘s coating encapsulates dust

  • No Microplastics

  • It is non-toxic and safe for everyone to enjoy

Superior Performance 

  • WONDERFILL® keeps blades standing straight

  • Wonderfill® is well graded to ensure excellent drainage

  • Antimicrobial- ZINC OMADINE® ZOE™ infused vinyl coating, is

  • non­-absorbant and will minimize the associated odors caused by pet urine

  • UV Resistant- After accelerated UV weather laboratory testing, the color of WONDERFILL® remains virtually unchanged 

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • Made in USA


Cool By Design


TºCool®  Infill – Synthetic Turf Cooling and Antimicrobial Solution, that works on the principle of evaporative cooling.



Evaporative Cooling Technology 
Invented to solve the real-life problem of the synthetic turf surface becoming excessively hot on sunny days. T°Cool® is an industry leading patented technology that dramatically reduces the surface temperature of artificial turf surfaces through the natural process of evaporative cooling. 

TºCool is an easy addition to most SYNLawn's infilled lawn systems

How It Works
TºCool delivers a powerful cooling effect via the evaporation of stored moisture from irrigation, rainfall, dew, or a garden hose. 

TºCool is engineered to work through the same thermoregulation process our bodies use to keep us cool. Called evaporative cooling, this process has a cooling effect via the evaporation of moisture. TºCool simply requires hydration, which can come from irrigation, rainfall, dew, or a simple garden hose. As solar radiation heats the turf, TºCool releases its moisture.

How Cool? For How Long? 
As the moisture evaporates, it removes the heat with it—cooling the turf by up to 50ºF.  T°Cool® is optimized for maximum cooling, yielding 30° to 50° lower surface temperatures. These reduced temperatures are 100% validated by independent studies. T°Cool® is long lasting and easily rechargeable! 



Powerful Patented Technology
T°Cool® technology works on the same principle as perspiration where stored moisture is slowly released removing the heat energy from the turf. T°Cool® Sand is safer than all other infills for kids and pets and extends the life of the turf blades.


  • Cools Up To 50°

  • Long Lasting
    Self Hydrating*

 *Based on region 


Inhibits Bacteria & Odor
T°Cool® Sand is infused with
Bac-Shield, a mild and rapidly renewable resource, EPA registered, antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of bacteria commonly associated with pet urine and waste, perspiration, saliva and other naturally occurring mold and fungi's. Derived from crustaceans, Bac-Shield® is a safe and organically based layer of protection that will last for
years to come. 

  • EPA Registered

  • Non-Toxic Organic Based     

  • Child & Pet Safe

  • Bio-Degradable  

  • Recyclable 


Long-lasting & Safe
Because of its naturally hard and spherical properties, T°Cool® Sand does not compact like silica sand and other organic based infills. T°Cool® Sand is great choice as a primary infill for landscape, playground, and dog park applications without
microplastic pollution.  

  • Natural Color

  • No Microplastics

  • No Acrylics 

  • Multi-Use

  • Non-Abrasive

  • No Migration 

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